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Aerosol spray can handle - spray master handle

Aerosol spray can handle - spray master handle


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Aerosol spray can handle assembly

This handle simply clamps on to the top of aerosol cans and allows the user to operate the aerosol quickly, easily and accurately.

The ergonomically designed large handle and trigger assembly is much easier to hold than an aerosol can. 

The trigger assembly simply operates a lever that depresses the existing aerosol button.  The handle assembly makes aiming the spray can much easier.

As shown in the pictures, the trigger also has a handy locking tab so you can lock the trigger to prevent the aerosol discharging when you put it in the ute or it falls over on the ground. 

The top of the locking tab has a hole, so you can hang the aerosol from a hook.  Very handy for FiL cans in the dairy! 

To use, simply undo the knurled clamp nut by hand and spread the clamp holder around the top seam of the aerosol can lip just under the actuating button.  Close the clamp and do up the knurled nut, making sure the nozzle is facing outwards. 

The clamp fits most aerosols - where the top seam is slightly smaller we find just putting an elastic band around the top seam stops any free play.

The knurled clamp nut has a screwdriver slot if you want to tighten further.

The pictures show the handle fitted to a can of FiL Tell Tail aerosol, which is not included.