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Fire Up Lead feed DFM feed additive pellets to add to dry feed – 20Kg Bag Pellets

Fire Up Lead feed DFM feed additive pellets to add to dry feed – 20Kg Bag Pellets


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Performance Pro-Biotics Fire Up is a blend of DFM and minerals as a pre-calving ration addition. Fire Up contains probiotics, yeast culture, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and anionic salts all in one package. Fire up is designed to reduce the risk of ketosis, increase the level of glucose and insulin and prepare the rumen for lactation. Performance DFM is a proprietary blend of bovine bacteria, fibre digestive enzymes and live yeast culture. These combine to increase feed utilisation, help control the PH of the rumen and can reduce rumen problems. Fire up stimulates the cellulose digesting bacteria, providing marked improvements in the utilisation of the structural carbohydrate in pasture. Fire Up should be fed with other rations daily at a rate of 120g – 250g (depending on nutritional advice) in the 21 days prior to calving.

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DFM plus enzymes, yeast, vitamins, anionic salts and minerals
The benefits of probiotics are well documented in both humans and other animals. They work especially well in ruminants where a healthy rumen flora is essential for digestion. In layman’s terms, probiotics are ‘good bugs’. Probiotics are 100% natural – they are not an artificial feed additive and Performance Pro-biotics are made of 100% bovine bacteria with added yeast and enzymes. These are micro-encapsulated (this means they have a protective coat) which only breaks down in the gut – giving more effective action. DFM acts immediately, promoting a very rapid growth of healthy bacteria and crowding out harmful bacteria. DFM picks up sick animals and helps them get their appetite back. It is ideal for stressed animals – such as when they are shown, transported or dehorned. Performance Pro-biotics help balance the rumen pH for better fibre digestion, introducing five key healthy bacteria to the rumen. Tests have shown that Performance Pro-biotics also help early weaning, as the rumen flora develops earlier and dry feed is digested at an earlier stage. This feed additive features additional enzymes, vitamins, yeast, anionic salts and minerals to help prevent metabolic disorders in dairy cows.