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Tailwell Tail Trimmer

Tailwell Tail Trimmer


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Tailwell Tail Trimmer

The Tailwell Tail Trimmer is an electric drill accessory (the drill is not included) designed to trim cow's tails.  It is designed to fit a 14 volt (minimum) cordless drill.  The Tailwell Tail Trimmer will quickly and easily cut the hair from the cow's tail, saving time and effort compared to traditional methods.  The Tailwell Tail Trimmer is smooth and fast to use, taking only a few seconds to run up a cow's tail even when the tail is covered in dags (the tail trimmer works under the dags).  The Tailwell Tail Trimmer is a fast and easy way to trim cow's tails.

How the Tailwell Tail Trimmer works

The Tailwell Tail Trimmer is a circular hair cutting device, working in a similar fashion to other clippers in that one blade (the inner) is stationary and the other blade (the outer) oscillates.  The Tailwell Tail Trimmer is very safe to use, as only hair will feed into the comb - the Tailwell Tail Trimmer will not cut a flat surface.  The comb features rounded points and will not cut the skin of the tail even if the cow tries to flick its tail when you are using the tail trimmer.  Trimming cow's tails made easy!

Using the Tailwell Tail Trimmer

Oil the blades and the oiling point of the Tailwell Tail Trimmer prior to use.  With the Tailwell Tail Trimmer fitted to the drill in your right hand, get hold of the cow's tail near the end with your left hand. Find the end of the cow's tail (the end of the actual tail, not the switch) with the thumb of your left hand.  Lift the tail up so you can feed the actual end of the tail into the Tailwell Tail Trimmer between the long hairs of the switch.  Move your thumb out of the way and feed the actual end of the tail into the centre of the Tailwell Tail Trimmer, feeding it through with your left hand.  As soon as the end of the tail appears from the back of the Tailwell Tail Trimmer cutting head, take your left hand off from above the Tailwell Tail Trimmer and grasp the protruding end of the tail so you can pull it through the tail trimmer.  Run the Tailwell Tail Trimmer up the switch until the hair and dags have been trimmed.  It only takes a few seconds per tail. Trimming cow's tails becomes easy and simple this way.

Tailwell Tail Trimmer Maintenance

Oil with gear oil prior to use (blades and external oiling point).  Then oil every 50 to 100 tails (depending on how dirty/daggy the tails are).  The cutter tension is adjustable at the rear of the cutting unit.  The tension screws should only be adjusted by hand (the blades only need to have the free play taken out, not be tight).  Full instructions on the Tailwell Tail Trimmer are included with the unit. 

Replacement cutting heads are available

The drill shown in the pictures is not included